Your website states investment is from $60,000.  How much should I budget for my investment?

Since every house is purchased at a different price and the required renovations will again be different from project to project, we cannot give you an exact figure.  However we will ensure your total investment does not exceed your budget as discussed in the initial consultation.  We do estimate $NZ60,000 to $80,000 is a good budget to start with.

You've mentioned a 30% annual return - is this what I can expect?

Like most investments, the return cannot be guaranteed however we constantly strive to make 20% per project for the investor.  Each project takes between 6 to 8 months.  In fact we do not purchase a property unless we see these numbers being achievable.  Over the course of 2 years you can comfortably run three projects which would make you a 30% annual return.  To date, our returns for the investor have been between 23% and 46% per project stream.

You state there is a guarantee on the first investment.  What does this cover?

We are confident you will make money on your first project so we guarantee your initial investment will be refunded in full if for some reason the house fails to sell or make a profit within 12 months.

Can I invest in more than one project?

Yes, you can have multiple projects going at once.  They will all be at different stages and you will be updated on each one individually on a monthly basis.

Once the renovation is complete how long will it take to sell?

Due to the nature of house buying & selling it is not possible to provide an exact time frame but our previous sales have been between 1 day and 8 weeks.  Once under an unconditional contract there will be 40 days until the sale is closed.

My investment will be going to the United States.  Is this safe and what guarantees have I got?

Your investment is transferred from NZ to a bank in the US which is then partly used to form a mortgage.  The remaining is used for construction and carrying costs - such as mortgage repayments.  The mortgage is founded with a 70% LVR and is secured by the property being renovated.  In addition to this the company uses its current residential assets as a guarantor to your project.

Do I have to setup a bank account in the United States or fill in a US Tax Return?

Neither is required.  We have structured our company as a funding company with an offshore feeder entity to ensure the IRS does not class your return as a US citizen form of income.  Once the sale has closed, your return and and initial deposit is transferred directly from our company bank account to yours in New Zealand.  You will be required to declare this income on that year's IRD tax return.

In addition to the initial investment will there be any other fees or costs that may be incurred?

There are no other costs other than the initial investment.  This covers the following: Mortgage deposit & bank fees, repayments, construction materials & labour, insurance, staging, advertising, realtor commission and all miscellaneous costs that may be incurred during the project.