Our company has been established to specifically enable the New Zealand market to invest in the residential market of Minneapolis - St Paul.



Buying the right house from the offset is the most important factor.  There must be value in it whether by doing a 'quick flip' or an extensive renovation.  The property will be in a good location, close to the CBD and within good school zones.  We will not purchase properties in lower socioeconomic zones.


Create Value by adding square footage

The housing market in the States differs from New Zealand as the main focus on a buyer's mind is the size of the house.  Our buying criteria ensures we can add square footage by building into a garage, making the basement a livable space or extending out & up.



Over the years we have formed good relationships with several banks and finance companies in the USA.  This ensures we get the best rates, and leverage your investment towards a US funded mortgage.  The mortgage is then guaranteed by the residential assets within the company.


Researching the market

We do not purchase houses that will not provide the forecasted returns.  This means that even when you are ready to invest it may take two to eight weeks to find the right property.  We stand by this as it ensures a quicker turnaround with maximum return.


Financial Returns

Depending on the size of the project, the turnaround can be from 3 to 8 months.  On average, a $60,000 investment will see a 20% return within 6-8 months.

The company is structured within the States as a pass through fund entity which means your profits will be US tax exempt.  Like any New Zealand based investment, profits made are to be declared to the NZ Inland Revenue.


Transparent investment

Unlike other investments, our company will show the budget of each project, from materials to labour to funding costs, so you have a complete view of your investment.  You can expect to be updated on a monthly basis, seeing how the project is progressing with recent photos from the build.