The team at Minneapolis Invest


Leon Allen - Director

Passionate about property from a young age, Leon has been in the industry for 15 years.  After splitting his first London home into two flats, he realised the value in renovating property for maximum financial gain.  Holding a current portfolio that spans New Zealand, USA and the UK,  Leon has extensive experience in buying, selling and renovating property in different countries. 

From years of overseeing builds and renovations, Leon's skills in project management ensures he is attentive to every detail in the day to day running of the business and is dedicated to fulfilling investors' needs.

Vanessa Williams - Media & Marketing

Vanessa has had 14 years in the media industry and her skills enable the business to communicate across the various media forms to ensure the investor is kept up to date on the progress of their project.  She ensures the construction jargon is articulated in such way that it makes sense to the investor, giving them full understanding throughout each stage of the renovation.

Ryan Whitefield - Partner

Starting in the construction industry over 17 years ago, Ryan has had several roles from working in the field to estimating and project management. Ryan was running his own successful building company at the age of 25.

With international experience in both the residential and commercial sectors Ryan has applied his vast experience and skill sets to make a positive impact on today’s market, his work ethic, attention to detail and honest approach are a huge asset in the daily operation of the company.

Jessica Whitefield - Interior Designer

As an award winning designer Jessica complements the finishes perfectly. From the exterior paint to kitchen cabinets and floor selections, Jessica ensures the colours and materials that are used in each renovation will attract the interest of all buyers and ensure the project has that wow factor.